According to an information release dated May nine, 2006, the “Standing Senate Committee On Social Affairs, Science, and Technology” in Canada encouraged the creation of a Canadian Mental Health Commission to be responsible for extensively upgrading the Canadian intellectual health gadget. As stated by Senator Michael Kirby, the Chair of the Committee, “The Senate Committee is committed to improving the range, high-quality and company of health and assist services which can be required through the tens of thousands of Canadians who’re living with mental illnesses and addictions.”

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Funding The Proposed Change

Based on an in-depth three-year look at intellectual fitness and addiction, the Committee decided it would cost $five.Thirty-six billion over ten-12 to twelve months for this mental fitness system to improve. Where will these price ranges come from? According to the Committee, the revenue will come from raising the excise tax on alcoholic liquids by five cents in keeping with a drink. Part of the rationale for the 5-cent increase per drink changed into glaringly the intention of elevating the needed finances for the proposed modifications inside the intellectual fitness gadget. However, another justifying issue for the charge growth became that because each alcoholic drink will be priced extra, Canadians will be more inclined to drink decreased-alcohol products, including beer and wine, in preference to liquor.

Let’s Do the Math

At first glance, this idea seems to make me feel. Why should individuals who drink assist in financing an application to offer them a higher intellectual health system? Why no longer permit folks who are a part of the “trouble” to become a part of the “solution”? This logic seems sound till you do the mathematics. If $five.Thirty-six billion is needed to help finance the upgraded intellectual health system, then what several beverages will be consumed in ten years to attain $5.36 billion greenbacks? The answer is 107,000,000 liquids.

That’s 107 billion, two hundred million drinks. To determine how many liquids are in keeping with 12 months, we should divide this wide variety by way of 10 (for the ten-yr application), which is 10,720,000,000. This remains a huge variety that happily may be “massaged” even greater. According to The World Factbook website, the populace of Canada was estimated to be 33 million people in 2006. Dividing 10,720,000,000 by way of 33,000,000 equals 325.

Putting this in terms that the average person can apprehend, every guy, girl, and infant in Canada will eat 325 alcoholic liquids in step with yr for the subsequent ten years to finance the new mental health machine! Placed, those numbers are not practical.