One of the most common areas in which slip and fall accidents occur is the airport. In fact, they are so prevalent here that travelers are more likely to become injured while rushing to and from gates than on the airplane itself! Though the airport owner would likely be responsible if you fell, other agencies may consider. Experienced Los Angeles slip and fall lawyers have provided essential information to help you determine who is liable for your accident at an airport.

One of the primary reasons it is so difficult to assign fault in an airport slip and fall accident is that there are normally so many businesses packed into these buildings that it is unclear whose property you have fallen.

Suppose you were eating at one of the restaurants by your gate. If you happened to slip on food or drink on the floor near your table, the restaurant owner could be liable, the waiter, or the airport owner. Due to the gray area that inevitably arises in airport slip and fall accidents, many entities and individuals could be found liable for your injuries:

Slipped and Fell in A Public Place and Suffered an Injury? Can You ...

These establishments will be tricky to use since they are often government agencies. Consult your lawyer on the particular regulations that apply to lawsuits against such entities. Falls that occur in open areas of the airport, away from shops, are most likely attributed to this entity.

  • The owner of the airport.

Slip and fall accidents in private airports will be more straightforward, as ownership will be slightly clearer to define. These facilities may also be smaller and house fewer vendors with shops inside the building, making it simpler to identify the property in which you fell. Again, if you fell in an open area within the facility that was not inside a restaurant or while boarding a plane, you can sue the owner.

The shop or restaurant owner.

If your fall took place within the retail or dining venue, the merchant operating within those boundaries would be liable for your incident.

  • Another traveler.

People often spill things when rushing through the airport. For example, if you slip on someone’s coffee, you can hold them responsible for your fall.

  • The airline.

If you are boarding the plane and trip due to a defect or imbalance in the ramp, the airline is accountable for the incident.

Seek the Assistance of a Lawyer

Since it can be challenging to appropriately determining liability in these cases, you must consult an experienced personal injury lawyer when filing your claim. They will be able to investigate the incident thoroughly, uncovering details of your case that point accurately to the at-fault party. Your lawyer will also assist you in proving the following core pillars of a slip and fall case:

  • The negligent party’s duty of care.
  • Their breach of this duty.
  • The breach was the direct cause of your fall.
  • Your fall caused financial losses.

Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer today to get your case underway.