Uk signs IP agreement with India

United kingdom and India heads of nation Theresa Can also and Narendra Modi has witnessed the signing of a sizable highbrow property settlement between the two countries. The United Kingdom intellectual belongings... Read more »

US Copyright Workplace needs greater information on DMCA

America Copyright Workplace is looking for in addition remarks on the Virtual Millennium Copyright Act’s (DMCA) secure harbor provisions, with many respondents thus far stressing the need for a note-and-stay-down requirement. Proponents... Read more »

Malawi’s net use stay terrible – Document

In spite of the sector NetWork Posting  being in a technology generation whereby the use of internet has been at a complicated stage, many Malawians are still failing to get admission to the... Read more »

How Turkey is strangling the net – and hurting media freedom

Turkey changed into On Dav downgraded to “now not loose” for internet freedom inside the modern day document released  through a worldwide watchdog, elevating fears approximately the general public’s right to get entry... Read more »

Johannesburg and Cairo are the maximum popular vacationer destinations in Africa

South Africa’s essential city Owner Business  towns remain the maximum visited in the African continent, attracting tens of millions of vacationers, boosting neighborhood tourism and injecting billions of greenbacks into the financial system,... Read more »

To store its forex, Nigeria’s imperative financial institution wants human beings jailed for holding on to US bucks

Nigeria has tried more than Our Planetary a few strategies to stem a problem currency slide as well as control its mounting economic crisis. The modern strategy ought to see it jail its... Read more »

A viral video of white men stuffing a black man right into a coffin in South Africa has sparked outrage

Two white South Africans Page Design Hub  accused of assaulting and stuffing a black guy into a coffin regarded in the courtroom these days, Nov. 16, sparking protests in the small city of... Read more »

Kenyan disaster-mapping platform Ushahidi is tracking post-election violence in The united states

A disaster-mapping Page Design Shop platform born of publish-election violence in Kenya is now getting used to screen violence and intimidation in the U.S. Nairobi-primarily based Ushahidi, whose name method “testimony” in Kiswahili,... Read more »

A Chinese language aid undertaking for Rwandan farmers is greater of a gateway for Chinese businesses

Inside a gated white Page Design Pro  complicated set back on a hill in southern Rwanda, a crew of Chinese language agronomists tends to 22 hectares (54 acres) of rice paddies, trenches of... Read more »

Best China, Syria, and Iran rank worse in net freedom than Ethiopia

This isn’t unexpected. Page Design Web Anti-government protests have gripped the USA over the last year, gaining extra worldwide interest when Ethiopian marathoner Feyisa Lilesa held his hands up, crossed at the wrist–an... Read more »