Many Asian women have monolids (known as half-closed or slanted eyes). Monolids can be very appealing or eye-catching, but they might not look “open”. To treat monolids, you need to understand the various surgeries available. The most common procedure performed to treat mild to moderate cases of lateral asymmetry is mid-line facial rejuvenation (MLFR). MLFR reshapes the jaw to correct the lateral position of the lower eyelid. A variation of this procedure, the subtalar incision (SMI), involves an incision between the inner corner of the eye and the eyelashes. This results in a slight change in the upper lip and nose shape.

What are monolid eyes?

Eyelids are folds of skin that protect the eye from dust, sweat, and other substances. Some people, known as monolid-eyed people, have little to no visible eyelid on one or both eyes. Monolid-eyed people have little to no visible eyelid on one or both eyes. They still have an eyelid on the eye, but it is so thin that it cannot be seen. “You don’t see it, but there is an eyelid on the eye. There are millions of fine cells that act like lashes,” says Dr. Young. The goal of a corneal transplant is to give the person back the ability to see. These procedures can occur when a patient has a scratch or a cut on their cornea or may have had a corneal refractive surgery, such as LASIK.


Double Eyelids or Monolids?

Double eyelids or monolids refer to eyelid shape and thickness. Double eyelids have a crease, and monolids do not. Double eyelids or monolids are different types of eyelids. You might notice that people with double eyelids have thinner or lighter eyelids than those with single eyelids. People with double eyelids are more likely to develop ocular abnormalities, such as strabismus than people with single eyelids. Researchers are still investigating why this is the case. Sometimes, a person can have epicanthic folds that give double eyelids. In some cases, these folds might be flat or absent. You might also have epicanthic folds if your family has a history of epicanthal folds.

What causes monolid eyelids?

Monolid eyelids are a type of eyelid that has been created due to a lack of fatty tissue. This is the body’s natural protection for the eyes, but debris and other particles will get in the eye since it does not exist. Genetics, a lack of fat, and oil glands in the eyelid can all contribute to monolid eyelids. However, some people may have both types of eyelids or multiple eyelids. Some medical conditions may also cause a kind of eyelid to develop in an otherwise average person. For example, the lower lid may turn in on itself if it is drooping because of a weakening of the supporting ligaments.

Why are monolid eyes not desired?

Asian-American women are not the most desired when it comes to beauty standards. Asian-American women are often characterized as having monolid eyes, which Western standards see as unattractive. Many Asian-American women face these double eyelid types of issues when they go to a doctor or dermatologist to ask about eyelid surgery.

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  • What are double eyelids?
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  • Is eyelid surgery safe?
  • Can you get double eyelids naturally?
  • Is it worth getting eyelid surgery?
  • How do you fix monolid eyes?

Steps for monolid eye makeup

Since monolids can also be more prone to creasing, a base needs to be used. This base should be thicker and less liquid than a typical eye shadow primer. The floor should be applied all over the eyelid and the under-eye area. Next, the eye should be primed with a light color eyeshadow.

Benefits of monolid eyes

Monolid eyes are typically seen in East Asian women. Suppose you have this type of eye shape and several benefits. One advantage is that it can be less prone to wrinkles. It also doesn’t require wearing makeup for it to look well.

How to treat monoids

Wide-set eyes and very little space between the top and bottom lid will lead to a lack of definition and a monolid effect. These people should try to set the top cover higher and use a base with light color undertones. A dark floor would be best for someone with dark-brown or black hair. These people should try to set the top lid higher and use a base that has light color undertones. A dark floor would be best for someone with dark-brown or black hair.

Natural remedies for monoids

Natural remedies for monolids are not as common as some other eye shapes. One treatment is to make a mask of cucumber and green tea. This will be applied to the eyes and left for 10 minutes. It may feel a little cool and sting slightly, but this is a safe and natural way to moisturize and cleanse the eye area. One remedy for monolids is making a cucumber mask and green tea.

The Results of Monolid Surgery

Monolid surgery is when someone removes or lowers the excess skin of the upper eyelid. This surgery is done to create a natural fold in the eyelid. Monolid surgery is when someone removes or reduces the excess skin of the upper eyelid.


The perfect monolid eye makeup for monolid or monolids and double eyelids. Monolids are the eyes without a fold in the skin and can be found in people with Asian, Latin American, and African ancestry. The perfect monolid eye makeup for monolid or monolids and double eyelids. If you are interested in plastic surgery to change the shape of your eyes, contact a board-certified plastic surgeon who can discuss your options and what may be best for you.