It’s no mystery that the appearance and sense of iOS for iPhone is modeled after Apple’s Dashboard for Mac. It’s no mystery that the gadget display widget is arguably the Dashboard’s “killer app.” It is always one of the pinnacle downloads from the Apple website.

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So, it is sudden that it has taken this long for an iPhone developer to breed that equal monitoring functionality and make it available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Nevertheless, at a lengthy end, the wait is over. System Manager for iPhone is here to answer any question about what is going on at the back of the polished shell of your iDevice.


The look of this app is polished sufficiently that it can, without problems, be fallacious for local software. The developer has cleverly mimicked the “rubberized” appearance of the Mac Dashboard and the original dock for the iPhone. All appearances apart, System Manager is superb at what it sets out to do: tell you everything about your phone, from reminiscence utilization to tactics, battery lifestyles, and miscellaneous device information.

These numerous categories are available within the app via tabs at the bottom of the display screen. Every tab has an accessible visualization of the System Manager’s accumulated facts. For example, the device’s memory usage is displayed as a pie chart, so you can easily see what’s slowing down your overall performance or how much disk space you have left. Below the visualization, the app displays a clean-to-read chart of relevant records. Even with hours and hours of playtime, battery life is one of the most unusual issues users complain about.

Also, use this app to tune your iPhone’s electricity usage. In the battery tab, you will find a listing of how many minutes of utilization you can expect if you apply your phone in numerous ways, from standby mode to three-D gaming and the entirety in between.