The net in China, whilst it’s far nonetheless basically similar to in nations outdoor the awesome firewall, has some key differences. After living in China for nearly 4 years now, the nuances of dwelling in the Great Firewall have turn out to be second nature to and it’s hard to consider that only a few years ago, I had no idea what to anticipate when I came right here.

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The first and perhaps most apparent distinction is the censoring of data going across the net in China. Every week or so, Google and different corporations are inside the news and stirring up trouble in China. Everyone has their very own opinion as to who is proper and wrong. However, the reality that increasingly more internet websites are blocked in China each day is simple. The Chinese government is investing enormous amounts of cash into

finding and blocking off now not best internet websites selling political exchange within the united states of America, however also sites that may additionally include pornography, violence, and other matters which we, too, try to are not proud to have to be had at the clicking of a button. While the liberty of speech and freedom of the press is at stake, it’s

also feasible within the same breath to say that censorship has its benefits. For dad and mom who aren’t proactive approximately blocking off pornographic and violent internet websites from their kids, those websites are conveniently available for any child interested in the engines like google.

Sites which can be placed up just for the sake of being sick and debatable, and contain content which handiest serves the reason of exercise the liberty of being disgusting is not available here, making it hard for the teenagers of China to get admission to them, as well as stopping the spread of it through the folks who locate this kind of content material unique.


The internet in China is also chock-complete with pirate tracks, movies, books, and software. Anyone with a domestic pc by no means buys DVDs, music CDs, or laptop games. Popular net websites that are allowed to put it on the market permit immediate streaming and download pretty much any movie or track you could think of.

B-high-quality movies pirated outside the cinema are available on those applications simply days after launch, and high-quality DVDs are positive to be uploaded inside the months to observe. In my 4 years coaching English in China, I actually have only ever met 1 pupil (I’ve had hundreds) who buys his PlayStation video games because his mother and father think they may be better fine than what can be downloaded online. The worst part is that his schoolmates laughed at him for doing so.