Keith Scott is a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) via the National Athletic Trainer’s Association and also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) thru the National Strength and Conditioning Association Keith received his Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine from the University of Arizona. During his 13 years in Tucson, he had the satisfaction and possibility to paintings with hundreds of athletes every 12 months within the youth, excessive college and university degrees.

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Keith focused on damage prevention, submit surgical/injury rehabilitation, and Strength and Conditioning. He worked extensively with athletes of all tiers and lots of one-of-a-kind sports activities, with over 15 years working immediately with athletes in the trenches. Keith currently resides in Southern New Jersey. CB: Keith, how do you operate your heritage of athletic remedy while designing programs for human beings and taking them thru their workouts? How would it possibly fluctuate from someone like myself with a bit of history within the region of Rehabilitation?


I have a robust heritage in the evaluation, so I take a lot more time evaluating various movements in all-important joints (a few minor joints too), muscle and tendon energy, joint integrity, and basic movement styles and mechanics.

I will take an entire session just doing an assessment sometimes. I also take thorough records on each person, locating out about preceding injuries, continual problems, ache, etc… And no longer to forget…The person’s revel in a degree in education.

Once I have a great understanding of the person’s state of affairs, I layout my applications just like I could have a rehab program for someone with an arm. After all, I have not begun to satisfy anyone that doesn’t have troubles, imbalances, or ache someplace, so it is not extraordinary. I create a “problem listing” first and form this system around that. For instance, if a person comes in with very tight hip flexors.

Tight dorsiflexors and horrible scapular control (like a whole lot of people that we probably see) go on my trouble list. I create an application around the one’s areas first and work on those matters proper away. I may not introduce exercising in those regions until we accurate them or, at the very least, are on the street to correcting them.