Vince Staples sits in a new corporate boardroom, feasting on piles of fries, coleslaw, bird, and an assortment of unidentifiable fried foodstuffs. The Long Seashore rapper is right here to speak approximately Watch Puppies 2, Ubisoft’s open-world sport.

(due out November fifteenth) that takes direct cues from the put-up-Snowden, submit-Trump dystopia wherein we are currently living. Staples has music on the sport’s soundtrack, called “Little Bit of This.” Naturally, the 23-year-old jumped on the possibility of playing the sport before releasing and consuming a mountain of carbs at the organization’s dime.


Over the last few years, Staples has installed himself as one of the music business’s funniest and fully candid interviews. We talked to him about his non-public records with gaming, his favorite Hitman kills, and at that point, Leonardo DiCaprio FaceTimed him while playing Halo. What did you develop from gambling? What are your earliest video game recollections? The earliest recreation I’m able to think about would be Mortal Kombat. My dad would ship me to his pal’s house to play with his kids, and they had Mortal Kombat and Mario on High-quality Nintendo. So, you started with Splendid Nintendo?

You did not leap into the sixty-four?

Yep, it began with Superb, then the Nintendo sixty-four. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter used to scare the shit out of me. For something cause it just scared me. My mom got me a Tomb Raider on a Laptop. I neglect which one it changed into. However, there was a level where a tiger was inside a cave, and I was never given out of the shelter because I was scared of the tiger. But once I killed the tiger, I climbed out of the cave but forgot to shop, so I finished gambling it. Then I went to complete PS1 – Crash Bandicoot, such things as that.

Who’s the most famous character you have performed video games with? I’m not sure. Earl Sweatshirt. Leonardo DiCaprio changed into gambling Halo this one time while he FaceTimed my friend and me. It seemed like he turned into doing a pretty proper process. It turned weird. You cited once that your mother saved you rather an awful lot stocked with video games your complete life. I’ve by no means now not had an online game. Ever. There has been in no way a recreation that got here out that I desired that I didn’t get E-Live Net.