As traditional, while making plans for a trip, I go to various websites attempting to find clues, critiques, bargain lodging, activities, and cash trade rates. You can also need to observe that Costa Rica uses colonies because of the medium of alternate; however, it also accepts US bucks in maximum locations. Generally talking, 1,000 colonies are identical to two US greenbacks. While calculating settlements, circulate the decimal over (to the left) three areas and multiply using two to get the USA dollar equivalent.

How to Travel in Costa Rica on a Budget 1

So with the help of my son Omar, who could also become a member of me in this ride to Costa Rica, we began our research checking Frommers.Com, TripAdvisor.Com, Hostels.Com, GoVisitCostaRica.Com, Google Maps, and different websites to get quite familiar with that part of the arena. There had been no flights available to the San Jose airport, so we decided to fly Delta to the Liberia Airport (LIR). Liberia is positioned in the

Guanacaste Province is located in Northeastern, a part of Costa Rica. This isn’t a terrible choice for each person who desires to see the use of an in the maximum price-effective manner through the bus. We took a taxi from the airport and checked inside the Boyeros Hotel in downtown Liberia. The taxi charge turned into $15.00 for my son and me. There is, however, an even inexpensive manner to get to the center of Liberia. You can take a taxi out to the principal street for approximately $4.00 and take the neighborhood bus for most effective 50 cents. That is how we returned to the airport on our departure day.

The Boyeros became a pleasant lodge with a 24-hour eating place and two swimming pools (one person and one infant pool with a waterfall). They additionally had double beds, cable TV, and warm water. The team of workers does no longer communicates a good deal.

English, so brush up for your Spanish earlier than your trip. Many small accommodations and hostels do no longer have warm water, so constantly check your room and turn on the water before payment is given, in particular, if you travel without making reservations, as we did. They are also comfortably placed at the bus line and around the nook from the bus station. The cost of the room became $60.00 in step with night, which turned into over our

inn price range of $forty.00 in line with the night time. However, the hot water and first-class pool become a good trade-off. We spent the day on the collection, getting adjusted, and planning our next circulate. We did no longer devour at their eating place however, as a substitute walked across the street to a meals mall that housed

Burger King and some other fast-food restaurants. It became packed with locals and some tourists. After consuming, we stocked up on water and headed lower back to the resort. My son Omar crashed out, and I stayed up and dealt with a Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight on HBO. Pacquiao changed into triumphant. However, I still suppose that Floyd Mayweather could win if they ever meet.