There’s no doubt that tech innovations changed the way we live, communicate, and more. Smartphones made communication a breeze, while computers made office work a lot easier and faster. Eco-friendly cars revolutionized the way we travel while satisfying the demand for vehicles with a little-to-no negative impact on the environment. Even homes are now smarter and more sustainable, thanks to smart home technologies. But like all good things, technology can disrupt our way of life if we don’t use them wisely.

Boost Career

The good news is, there are ways we can use technology to our advantage. Investing in the right technology and using it the right way can help us take the lead and advance our careers. Haven’t got enough money to buy a brand-new phone or laptop? You can always take your Samsung phone for repair and still use this to improve your career. The following are just a few creative ways to leverage tech for your career’s sake.

Use Tech for Continuous Learning

No doubt, having extra skills and knowledge can earn you more brownie points when applying for jobs or snagging a promotion. But then, not everyone was fortunate enough to finish college. Some can’t even afford to pay for additional courses to expand their skillset. The good news is, you can use your old smartphone or laptop to watch videos of your desired courses.

Different websites offer online education to students and professionals alike. You can access top courses for a fraction of a cost and learn during your own free time. This means there is no need for you to go to school to take these courses. Even after a long day at work, you can continuously learn at the comforts of your home while resting. Even if you can’t afford paid courses, you can still obtain certificates after completion.

Start Automating Your Job Search

Now that you have extra skills you can use in better positions, it is time that you start applying for jobs. These days, many companies post their job openings on the internet. Using your computer, you can find jobs that suit your skills and interest. You can also use your smartphone and download job-search apps so you can look for job openings whenever, wherever.

Did you know that you can also automate your job search? That’s right. You can now leverage tech to help you make job search easier and faster. For one, you can adjust notifications on job-search apps for every new job post that matches your qualifications. Set up email alerts so you won’t miss important emails like details of interview schedules or new job listings on multiple job boards and websites you use.

Don’t let your spreadsheet skills go to waste. Start organizing your job searches by using an application that will make tracking your progress a little bit easier. Chances are, with all the companies and job posts you applied for, you will easily forget which ones you sent applications to and had interviews with. Save time by keeping such details organized.

If you are not yet on LinkedIn, now is the best time to create your LinkedIn profile. Use keywords that recruiters use in looking for candidates with your skills and expertise. Update your details and start connecting with other professionals you worked with before. Give out feedback and recommendations to increase your chances of getting the same in return. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and change your settings to let recruiters know you are actively looking for job opportunities.

Learn How to Effectively Market Yourself Online

Some professionals got their biggest break after successfully putting themselves out on the internet. But know that simply having a Facebook account, adding other professionals on LinkedIn, and having your own website is not enough to make things happen. For one, you should establish a name for yourself first. Build your portfolio and impress leaders in your industry with your track record.

Take social media to your advantage, build your following, and start sharing valuable insights and information with your followers. Build online credibility and leverage email marketing. If you can successfully market yourself as a pro in your chosen field and have a couple of past employers, partners and colleagues vouch for you, and then you no longer need to apply for job opportunities. You will receive numerous offers and end up declining some so that you can focus on the best proposals.

There are many other ways to leverage tech so you can finally find a job you enjoy doing. Don’t limit your tech usage for socialization, fun, and communication. Use this to your advantage so you can finally reach your career goals.