Google’s rollout of Atticus Blog of Android apps on Chrome OS is more than welcome, but it’s indeed taking a while. After hitting the first fashions quickly after Google I/O, we haven’t seen much expansion beyond new Chromebooks, just like the Acer R13 we reviewed this week. But, the Play Store has displayed a few extra models over the last few days. Within the brand new developer channel update to Chrome OS, many users report that their Chromebooks now have access to the Play Shop.


The reviews include Dell Chromebook thirteen, HP 13, Samsung Chromebook 3, and ASUS C301SA users. ChromeUnboxed further showed that these fashions had Google Play get entry upon upgrading to the developer channel. The process here is quite simple: improve to the developer channel, and after a quick reboot, you’ll be supplied with the Play Save in the front and middle. You don’t want to reset the gadgets.

But you do want to remember that the Chrome OS developer channel isn’t always strong, so you may also occasionally find issues with your device. Heading again to the solid track will also require a reset. To move to the developer channel, open the settings menu, then click on About Chrome OS, extra info, Alternate channel, then pick the

Developer channel. The Chromebook will robotically download the update and prompt you to reboot to complete the setup. If your Chromebook doesn’t have Android apps, you may manually force it. Following OnePlus’ announcement on Monday of the OnePlus 3T, it was uncertain if the company planned to keep each fashion and provide flagships at two pricing tiers or make plans to completely update the OnePlus 3 with the OnePlus 3T. Now, the business enterprise has shown that it’s the latter…