Betting is a hell of a lot more a laugh whilst you win. The public normally views everybody that bets on horse racing as a gambler, translation a “loser.” With my early Computer Group success, I even have by no means are taken into consideration myself both a gambler or a loser.

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You ought to technique racing with the attitude of an inventory market analyst. If you examine it some other way, your simply another compulsive gambler. (Sorry if everyone is indignant, but we want to keep it real) Racing is a brand new financial marketplace this is slowly catching up to the relaxation of the sector.

With the discovery of peer-to-peer change wagering, racing may be attacked, conquered, and soundly overwhelmed. Advanced algorithms we use in our computer applications still have a determined benefit over the public. We are not speak about the software you buy for £forty nine.Ninety-five on the internet, but proprietary databases run through primary frame computers.



To beat the bookmakers and flog the general public, you want to “assume out of the container” and do the alternative of what they’re doing. This is best achieved through contrarian questioning. Instead of having a bet horses to win, just like the rest of the livestock, become a bookmaker and take a stand against public opinion with the aid of laying horses to win. If you’re an amateur to all this, let me fast explain that during any event, you could both Back a horse which means your betting to win. Conversely, I take a contrarian role towards you, this means that I am Laying your horse to lose.

When backing, you bet 10 to win 50. I select to be on the alternative side via setting up £50 to be able to win 10. Sound crazy. I am asking you to threat plenty to simplest win a touch. Do now not depart just yet we are only getting started out. Think about it, all your loser friends are making a bet horses to win yr in and year out. Are they retired and living on a golfing route, offshore in Paradise, like I am? Or might they as an alternative borrow cash from YOU each week until payday?

Casinos and Bookmakers in Las Vegas welcome all comers to guess anything they desire on racehorses. Look at the net, loads of casinos will give you a bonus if you promise to lose cash with them. Maybe these casinos and bookmakers are on to something. Bookmakers are a success due to the fact they understand the mathematical odds of racing and sports activities wagering. We commenced in 1979, and have spent years to learn the correct mathematics on what constitutes a loser. Most human beings cannot discern out a machine this is foolproof and mathematically accurate. Math geniuses are few and far between.

Let us look at this proposition a little bit nearer. You are in the position of being David versus Goliath while backing a horse to win. To win, surely the whole thing needs to go your manner. You want to accept as true with the teacher. Has he been properly placed his horse in a race with his pals? (His buddies of direction are other horses that he can beat) Next, the Jockey ought to provide you with an ideal experience. Do now not move to quickly, do not get shut off, do now not cross too fast, is he an apprentice. Ouch, and do no longer go too sluggish, or move to overdue, and maximum essential. Do now not fall off.

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The horse also wishes to cooperate that allows you to acquire. He has to feel like running today. Those new blinkers or tongue ties want to work. What about that deep muddy music or the artificial floor, has he run properly on it earlier than? He cannot come to be spooked via a new track floor this is new to him. There are one million greater little tidbits which can separate you from your coins.

Allow me to test the Lay aspect of this same occasion. I even have decided to blunders at the facet of the casinos and bookmakers. I will guess that your horse will no longer win, I may be laying him to lose. Last time I seemed, they have been building some quite satisfactory casinos with this form of questioning. And the good news is, you’ll need the whole lot to go proper. I handiest want one factor on the way to cross wrong. I additionally have every other massive bonus. I have every other horse inside the race going for walks for me. So in a race of 15 runners, I am cheering for any of 14 of them to win. If you have got spent years backing horses and going domestic a loser, perhaps it’s time to switch teams and start laying horses.


The internet is complete with innumerable laptop programs, systems, books and manuals that supposedly give you a danger to retire. Most of them will take your money and provide you with little more than empty guarantees in go back. These programs are not horrible, there are just now not state-of-the-art enough to offer you the threshold had to win To be competitive, you need to integrate kingdom of the artwork technology with mathematics and meticulous file maintaining.

Can this be performed via hand or on your home computer you ask? Certainly, but you’ll need Santa’s little helpers operating which will input all the records. Also, make certain you’re the usage of computers with synthetic intelligence. In other words, the pc learns each day from the effects and makes corrections to this system when wished. No software program is assured to paintings within the destiny. Racing is in a regular state of flux and trade. It is vital that you live ahead of rule modifications, song bias, climate, and so forth. Or you will be eaten up by means of alternate.


Remember with a lay having a bet, you want to adopt an opposite approach for evaluating horses and racing situations. You should analyze how a horse will carry out below present track conditions. You want to test race form. Is there much pace in the race today? What part of the track should your jockey location the horse?

Many people think they have got a device, most effective to find out that it does no longer paintings all the time. To be proven as a success, your application or device must work at all tracks, covering all kinds of racing, any time of the 12 months.

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If your structures underneath plays, you ought to withstand chasing your losses. This only leads to silly choices, and that of direction is never proper. Remember, scared money “NEVER WINS.” LIVE BY NUMBERS AND FORGOT HUMAN EMOTION.

We are correct at what we do because all technique is 100% Mechanical and concern to human emotions. Over one hundred,000 races went into the Matrix Profile to discover what makes a loser. This is the most crucial line in this text. You MUST take Emotion out of the handicapping equation, until of direction you’re a HAL 9000 laptop. You will handiest WIN by strictly trusting and following the numbers.

Look at the uncooked information above, which of the horses stands the smallest hazard of prevailing the race. Which horses do you need to put? Is your Answer to lay each Horse “H” and Horse “I”? If so, you could cross sit within the nook and placed on the dunce cap. This is only a part of the equation. You should know what the Betfair closing odds may be to make that decision.

Horse Selection “I”, will only win eight% of the time. So which means if you Lay Selections “I” you may accumulate ninety-two % of the time. It nevertheless sounds pretty precise, a gadget in which you’ll win 92% of the time. But what are the Betfair Odds? If that horse goes to put up at a hundred and fifty.0 to 1, you’ll be in large hassle. First, you will in no way be laying horses at a hundred and fifty to 1 until you have got an interest in the Royal Family treasury. To win a hundred, you will want to ensure you’ve got 15,000 on your trading account to cover the times whilst he does win.