1. Blogs are User-Friendly and Very Easy to Use

The upside to having weblog software instead of a website is that it’s very person-pleasant. The weblog uses a GUI or a picture-consumer interface, meaning everything you need to do is specified in easy-to-apprehend snapshots. Running a blog software program additionally conforms to the requirements of a maximum of different software applications. For instance, the graphic icons you notice in Microsoft Office programs are very similar to the snapshots you may see in the interior of your blog.

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The cause that this is so critical is that YOU can update your internet site, and you don’t need to pay high net layout charges to accomplish that! There is no messing around with HTML code; you can avoid having a dull, useless website that people rarely visit occasionally. Alternatively, you can update it yourself and cause people to go back repeatedly. The different upside to this is that when you need something modified speedy, you can achieve this. You now ought not to wait on an internet clothier or a virtual assistant; you could pop into the dashboard and replace the web page you need to modify and click keep and increase – you’re done!

Making regular posts is likewise clean to do. With some quick clicks and then a few keystrokes for the frame of your submission, you could have pure, new content material in your weblog at once. If you feel especially creative someday, you may write a series of posts and store them all to post on future dates. I will write eight or nine blog entries at a time and keep them posted one or two days apart. This is also beneficial in case you are going on holiday. In February, my husband and I went to the Dominican for a vacation, and earlier than I left, I wrote weblog entries to cover the week I had long passed and posted them earlier. On the days that I was distinctive, my weblog entries showed up on the weblog!

2. Blogs Are Easy to Navigate

All blogs follow a reasonably preferred fashion of formatting and navigation. Although each template may be additionally appearance distinctive, all of them incorporate equal fashionable factors. When I visit a blog, I continually realize where to see Recent Posts. I also recognize that on the general public of blogs, I may find a place to enroll in the blog feed. A feed is truely syndication of your weblog entries. That syndicated text is then dispatched to your weblog traffic feed readers and sent to search engines. This is part of why blogging effectively gets people to your website.

Have you ever visited an internet site where each menu has been exclusive, and every sidebar contains distinct text depending on where you were at the internet site? Those websites are perplexing and do not lead the internet site vacationers where they should go. With a blogging software program, it stays fashionable and is usually updating itself. When you make an exchange on one sidebar, it routinely updates each sidebar, eliminating any confusion for your internet site visitors.

A first-rate ebook I need to propose is Steve Krug’s “Don’t Make Me Think.” You want to read this ebook even if you do not design websites. A lot of the motives that I love blogs are outlined in his usability segment. He references making websites extra purposeful by following his ideas; however, what’s so notable is that a blog already conforms to many of his requirements.

3. People Can Subscribe to Your Blog and Stay Current

Now, I want to explain what RSS is first. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. What it’s far is a family of web feed formats used to put up often updated digital content, including blogs, news feeds, or podcasts. People who’re into running a blog will use your RSS feed to do some matters:

They may additionally subscribe to receive a daily digest of new content. Think of powerful ways to preserve your contact with your goal marketplace. If a person gets regular, updated messages from you, you’re usually in their line of sight, and they’ll see what you’re as much as new products or services you are launching and what sort of information you have on your preferred challenge.

– They might also upload you to their feed reader. I have a software called Feed Demon, and this software program application tracks all the blogs. I am interested in using, shooting, and updating the feed from the blog. Each day, I can open up this software program application and immediately summarize every blog I have subscribed to. I can review what it is people are talking about. This allows me to stay modern while not having one thousand bookmarks in my internet browser or seeking to consider which blogs I favor to examine.

The same is true for your site visitors. They need a brief, clean way to be reminded that you exist and post matters they want to realize approximately. Normal sites do not do that until you order a month-to-month ezine that incorporates all your business updates. By having the weblog, you could nearly cut out the month-to-month ezine and allow the weblog to be just right for you!