It’s been some time since I have written approximately the brand new Windows 8 information and activities for diverse online tech podcasts. One day, even as I was going through my tweets and the comments about Windows 8’s launch and expectancies, I jumped off the ridge, intending to think of trade within how customers use their Windows computer systems.

windows-8-screenshot.png (1366×768)

It’s a big exchange. After calculating the difference, it’s greater, like a ‘then’ and ‘now’ state of affairs. The computing device from Windows 3.1 to Windows 7 was the consumer interface to open programs and files, access and trade PC configurations, run virus scans, and alternate energy settings. Browse the net, run instructions, and do a lot extra that users have done since they began using Windows-based total computers from the start. I could say the Desktop changed into a gateway to discovering your world. However, Windows eight, a new fashion Metro-style, has been introduced to customers.


The new Windows eight interface is different from the previous versions of Windows. Windows eight has a Metro-style interface that hundreds up first when you begin your laptop.

The Interface suggests various tiles that convey one-contact access to your emails, Twitter/Facebook, and other social networking updates, information, purchasing, and blah-blah. So that is more like you are the Interface of a smartphone or tablet that offers you one-contact access to all your apps, settings, and necessities. On this Metro-fashion interface of Windows eight, the Desktop is protected as one of the tile alternatives.

Suppose you want to access your computer as in Windows 7 or preceding versions. In that case, you will click on the Desktop tile on the Metro-fashion interface, and your happiness will virtually be back after seeing it. Rest is just identical, although you will enjoy predominant enhancements in basic utilities like Task Manager, Disk Defragmenter, CHKDSK, Transfer, and so forth. With so many modifications and matters in line to enjoy, users are truly going to make an effort to become familiar with the usage of Windows eight.

Those already using the Windows eight beta version may have emerged acquainted with its capabilities and Interface. They might have even been participating in the change, a flow to bridge the difference in how they use their Smartphones/capsules and computer systems.

However, like technical problems with different new running structures and software packages, Windows eight problems would possibly floor once the last version is out. If you do not forget, even the iPhone 5 could not efficaciously sail through customers’ arms without strolling into issues. Well, it’s not the main trouble because users keep in mind that software applications and technical problems pass hand in hand. That’s why iPhone Five and Windows Eight aren’t any exceptions for that.