A proper question, eh? Especially in this day and age with revelations of conspiracies (a few say theories) galore zapping throughout our online world faster than the wink of an eye fixed, but are they true or are they fake? Is it a fake flag occasion, or is it a genuine incident? Is it a herbal disaster or a human-made atrocity?

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Was Wikileaks an inside task created intentionally to provide the Powers That Be the excuse to censor the internet? Is it a black op? Is there, in reality, a: “War Against Terror,” or are the real terrorists our very own governments using the phony ‘conflict on terror’ as an excuse to remove our freedoms? Is ‘Climate Change’ a truth, a tax bracket, and/or weather-controlled using HAARP generation?

Is carbon a hazard to the planet? Why are they poisoning our food? Who is telling lies, and who’s telling The Truth? Is Islam the actual enemy? Is Al-Qaeda a CIA construct, for in Arabic it method “Data Base”? Why are so many Middle Eastern governments being overthrown, and by whom? So many questions, however who is answering them Truthfully?

More importantly, who’s telling us half of-truths, for this, in reality, is the primary factor of my article? An antique Canaanite Jew is pronouncing that asserts: “A 1/2 truth is a whole lie. Now, how apt is that for our hello-tech 21st century age filled with records overload with information media information hype, MSM pig’s swill, and propaganda and/or psy-ops (psychological war) that we are bombarded with continually every day? How many outright lies are we told? How many half-truths are we advised?

How plenty of facts is withheld from us in mainstream ‘news’ announces and newspaper articles? Winning hearts and minds, the slimy politicians parrot, but what does that genuinely suggest? It method we will spiel our lies, our BS sound bites and our psy-ops to you, repetitively, till you agree with us, that’s what it manner. As a help to what I am pronouncing, I will quote what this famous gentleman once said: