After doing this Spiritual Work for over twenty years, my steering has revealed to be an easy, step-through-step manner to take you from anyplace you’re now to embracing your purpose-crammed, hit lifestyles completely. You did now not come to Planet Earth to suffer. You got here to study yourself, develop, achieve success, be glad, and be of service to others.


If you feel you are not doing any of those above things, you definitely have something to examine from the 7 Steps to a Spirit-Guided Life. The technique is straightforward, and you can constantly come again to it time and again at each new stage of your boom. You are constantly evolving, increasing, and enhancing yourself, so those 7 Steps turn into a spiral that is ever-evolving upwards.

Step 1: Raise your Spiritual Vibration to live related to Spirit in any respect Times

You can not connect with the divine guidance of Spirit until you discover ways to raise your religious vibration to be greater tuned in, relaxed and cozy. Learning to elevate your non secular vibration is like tuning your radio frequency into the frequency of Spirit. If your radio isn’t tuned in to the right frequency, you aren’t going to hear any of the messages your angels are sending you.

We all have u.S.A.And downs in our electricity and how we experience it. But, you can discover ways to preserve a higher vibration all of the time. In this manner, you are now not prone to being encouraged with the negativity on your surroundings. You’re buffered from that and may lead your life correctly without worry and fear.

Step 2: Learn to Communicate with your Angels and discover Immediate Answers to your Life’s Direction and Purpose.

Your crew of helpers/angels know your lifestyle’s purpose higher than you do! They have a chook’s eye view of your lifestyle and might see belongings you can not. So by using learning to establish an instantaneous, -way communication with them, you can get the solutions you need to transport ahead!

Feeling caught? Your angels will help the best path to take and how to be inside the right place at the right time. They will help you with whatever, as long as it’s miles your business to realize. You have a group of angels with numerous awareness for you – so why not utilize all this superb assist that is to be had to you?! You can do this by getting to know a few simple strategies.

Step 3: Discover your Spiritual Life Purpose to Live the Life you have been Born to Fulfill


Most human beings consider their lifestyle’s purpose as being their profession. But that is a method through that you live your life purpose. What you truly got here to do is to live your spiritual thrust. Spiritual Thrust is a term coined by our mentor Dr. Francisco Coll to encapsulate what you are surely right here to express this lifetime. It is what you do please, and it’s for your area of interest in life. Others are drawn to you when you are living your religious thrust.

Discover what your spiritual thrust is so that you can get into alignment with what you’re REALLY right here to try this lifetime. Then, once you’ve clarified that, you could go directly to locate the opportunities available inside the international that are pleasant in shape so that they will stay your thrust.

Step 4: Overcome your Blocks and Limiting Beliefs so you can Fully Reach your Goals.

This is perhaps the maximum essential of the 7 steps. It is your sub-aware restricting ideas and fears that stop you in your tracks, just while you’re about to come to be a hit. These unseen intellectual barriers are typical beliefs that you picked up in your first 7 years of life from human beings. You were programmed to behave and behave in a certain way, based totally on your upbringing. Some of this schooling is right, but a number of it is not operating for you anymore.

Become aware of the fears which can be there, and then update them with extra fantastic behavior which can be actual to you. Too regularly, we are dwelling existence based totally on our parents’ requirements according to our very own standards. That manner in place of being stopped on your tracks whilst something feels volatile or horrifying – you could hold shifting towards your dreams smoothly and effects.