Sports media: At 57, Lane is going new-college — and it is operating

Twenty-5 years ago this week, “Drew and Mike” debuted at the Detroit radio airwaves, and quickly grew to become the morning talk-rock display at the WRIF (one zero one.1-FM) into the pinnacle application inside the marketplace, wherein it’d stay for many years.

Nowadays, Drew Lane is beginning over — and excited about the capacity of his blossoming, day by day podcast.

“When we started it, we simply desired to form of getting again in the air and remind people that we did a rock-and-roll display,” Lane stated this week.
“It was clearly just a hard work of love, at the beginning. And it commenced catching on — 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, a lot of them listened each day.

“it’s approximately 27,000, 28,000 now.”

running nightly Sunday thru Thursday out of Lane’s these days completed basement in Ferndale, an awful lot of the antique gang is again together, along with his longtime cohort Marc Fellhauer, who worked alongside Lane for the duration of his -plus-run at now-defunct Detroit Sports activities 105.1 (WMGC-FM).

They have been at it for about seven months now, focusing on great-tuning the display at the beginning — before just these days turning for ways to make a few cash.

They have just delivered a donate button to their internet site, which drew a lovely response, and feature plans to begin promoting marketing and merchandise inside the coming weeks to, at the least in a small manner, help line the pockets of the podcast’s each day group of workers of 4.

“I in no way dreamed I’d be asking human beings to ship me money for a radio show,” Lane, 57, said with amusing. “But humans are donating, that’s superb and unbelievably flattering.”

Lane and Mike Clark — who has taken a leave of absence from the podcast for personal reasons — drew large ratings on the WRIF before they had been permitted cross in 2013. Lane quick caught on as the massive call for the Detroit Sports activities a hundred and five.1 startup, running afternoon pressure time. Even as not all of his morning target market moved over with him, a piece did — plus a brand new segment, incomes him effortlessly the largest rankings at one hundred and five.1.

That stated, in 2015, control wanted to feature a new voice, a “Sports activities” voice, to the sales space, Lane vehemently objected, pronouncing it changed into a large number with the chemistry, and he left.

As former host Ryan Ermanni instructed me this beyond June, When one hundred and five.1 pulled the plug on Sports activities after much less than 3 years and switched to “The Jump,” or vintage-college hip-hop and R&B, the Sports activities format at a hundred and five.1 died When Lane departed. It constantly turned into bizarre one hundred and five.1 higher-united states of America went after the handiest show that was getting appropriate rankings.
Lane, even though, has lots of his listeners again, human beings tuning in all over the united states of America, as evidenced by using his Facebook page, complete with images of oldsters conserving up the “Drew & Mike” app from a selection of locales. A number of the unique target market turned into unswerving listeners; it is grown past that, too, with some awesome interviews — which include a notable, extensive-ranging and hilarious phase with Charlie Sheen (who apologized to Detroit for his hideous display at some point of the out-of-manage, “Tiger Blood” days), and a chat with disgraced former baseball famous person Lenny Dykstra. Part of the Dykstra clips even ended up on TMZ and the “Howard Stern display,” assisting shoot the podcast well up the iTunes ratings for a piece.


“How cool is that?” Lane said.

There are huge plans in the works for the future of the podcast. Brief-time period, this week, Lane is bringing returned much of his old WRIF pals — which include Trudi Daniels, Zip and grasp impressionist Mark Patrick (who does a superb Keith Jackson and Bobby Knight, amongst many others) to reminisce approximately the old days.

Meanwhile, the point of interest remains totally on the new days ahead.

Lane is frustrated that the show’s now not but airing stay, But he expects it to be, in some format, before too long, perhaps even airing on Facebook stay, with a purpose to take calls. He misses the impromptu and unpredictable interplay with the listeners.

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