There’s always a purpose to offer a considerate present. If you have a senior or two to your shopping listing, how approximately something a bit exceptional this yr? Instead of yet any other box of fancy cleaning soap or aftershave, remember a technology present for today’s savvy seniors.

A Web Cam Means Happy Grandchildren

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Give the grandparents the present of visual and audio interplay with their kids and grandchildren. If Grandma and Grandpa do not live round the corner, they may love the possibility to look and talk with their grandchildren through a Web cam. Most of latest Web cams have an integrated microphone and may come optimized for use with Windows Messenger or some other IM machine. With fees (at Amazon) varying from much less than $30 to nearly $three hundred, there may be a cam for every price range.

Remember that, at the same time as a few seniors may be capable and willing to put in their cams themselves and discover a way to use them on their personal, others may require assistance. Include installation and some classes as a part of the present in the latter case.

A Web Cam Means Peace of Mind

A wireless network digital camera ought to keep the day in special situations. For instance, Panasonic’s BL-C131A Network Camera Wireless 802. Eleven is promoted as a digicam that helps you to monitor your pets, your property, or even your kids whilst you are not at domestic.

You set up the camera in any area, while not having a neighborhood PC. Then, by using logging on to an in particular specified Internet website, you can check the room from any PC or Internet-equipped cell phone or PDA. You can also alter the digicam’s pointing course and its virtual zoom thru the Web browser. The camera has a built-in microphone, in addition to a unique night time-view mode.

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Consider this camera’s utility inside the case of a senior who lives by myself and maybe in frail health. If you have got ever frantically phoned Granddad’s acquaintances to delight take a look at on him to make sure he’s OK, you will recognize the peace of thoughts this product should provide. With Granddad’s permission, you could set up the digital camera in his home and go online every time you have been involved that he should want help-say, a time whilst he turned into not attentive to phone or email messages.

Rather than a Webcam, you may additionally recollect the QuietCare System, a fitness-care system designed to help seniors stay independently. This gadget makes use of a chain of activity sensors to research Granddad’s normal interest round his domestic. When the system notes an exchange in the pattern, it notifies a call center or sends an electronic mail alert or text message to a chosen celebration.

Computer Glasses Aren’t a Pain inside the Neck

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Does the laptop-savvy senior in your life wear bifocals, trifocals, or revolutionary-lens eyeglasses? These glasses aren’t optimized for viewing a laptop reveal. When sporting such glasses on the laptop, Grandma has to tilt her head backward so she will be able to focus at the display while she is looking through the lowest part of the lens. To put it mildly, this gives her a huge pain within the neck.

The correct information is that it does not ought to be this manner. Grandma will experience her pc time a lot greater in case you spring for a set of prescription computer glasses. Contact your friendly optometrist and ask for information. Be positive to invite your eye-care expert about glare-resistant lenses, also very vital for laptop users.

Keep Grandpa in the Loop With a DVD Player and Slide Show

Want something certainly unique for the senior inside the own family who is shut in, or perhaps dwelling in a persevering with care facility? How approximately a small, transportable DVD participant and a special circle of relatives slideshow disc? Contact the extended family contributors and ask for digital pics-each old and new. Compile your collection; flip it into a slideshow the usage of PowerPoint, Microsoft Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP or some different slideshow software; and then burn it to a DVD. (If using PowerPoint, you’ll want to include the free PowerPoint viewer at the DVD disc).

Remember to add titles and captions to every photo so Grandpa knows what he’s searching at. You may additionally shoot some video, edit it, and ship alongside a video production that your senior can watch within the privacy of his or her personal room.

Portable DVD gamers range in charge from $30 to a couple of hundred greenbacks. You need to be sure that the device you pick out can play DVD+R/RW. Otherwise, there will be the handiest unhappiness whilst your house-recorded DVDs may not play.

You can also consist of a few of Grandma or Grandpa’s favorite movies with this gift. And, like the Webcam described above, your senior might recognize a few instructions on the way to use this gift

Are the own family contributors unfold over the four corners of the globe? If so, VoIP carriers such as Skype, Vonage, and others make it feasible for seniors to stay in touch without traumatic about astronomical smartphone payments.

Give your senior a microphone with headset (beginning at around $20), or perhaps a special Skype cell phone. Make certain that Grandma has assisted with the Skype software program set up, which can be complicated. Provided all events have a Skype account, Grandma can communicate with all and sundry, no matter where they live, free of rate, the use of the microphone or the Skype phone. If she plans to phone a person who will be the usage of a landline telephone, buy her a Skype credit or two costing about $14 every. Rates in line with the minute range depending on location. For example, a Skype name made from Canada to a landline in Israel price approximately $8 for thirty mins.