I’ve met several Independent Computer Consultants over the path of my career. While some continue to thrive in their Independent practice, and a few others have grown their business into large, successful PC help corporations, the substantial majority will deliver it much less than 12 months before they give up and begin actively searching for an activity once more.

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Almost every small business today that relies on computer systems wishes someone certified to hold them. The demand for lower-priced solutions for preserving and supporting small business PC structures is great. Today, every small enterprise owner is seeking methods to lessen prices. The Independent Computer Consultant is flawlessly positioned to offer a first-rate stage of the guide that costs less than alternate solutions like in-residence personnel or large IT Support firms.


So, with such a robust capacity marketplace and the Independent Computer Consultant capable of providing a much-needed answer, why is an achievement for Independent Computer Consultants so rare? Because they follow a widespread, however incorrect, hourly guide billing model. Suppose you want to sign up for most of your colleagues and initially struggle. In that case, you decide that being your boss is too difficult and volatile and call it quits, do as they do, and observe these three simple steps.