How to Fail As an Independent Computer Consultant in 3 Easy Steps

I’ve met a number of Independent Computer Consultants over the path of my career. While some continue to thrive in their Independent practice, and a few others have grown their business into large, successful pc help corporations, the substantial majority will deliver it much less than a 12 months before they give up and begin actively searching for an activity once more.

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Almost every small business today that relies on computer systems, wishes someone certified to hold them. The demand for lower-priced solutions for preserving and supporting small business pc structures is large. Today, every small enterprise owner is seeking out methods to lessen prices, and the Independent Computer Consultant is flawlessly positioned to offer a first-rate stage of the guide that prices less than alternate solutions like in-residence personnel or large IT Support firms.


So with such a robust capacity marketplace and with the Independent Computer Consultant capable of providing a much-needed answer, why is an achievement for Independent Computer Consultants so rare?

Because they follow a widespread, however incorrect, hourly guide billing model. If you want to sign up for the majority of your colleagues and struggle in brief earlier than you make a decision that being your personal boss is too difficult and volatile and determine to call it quits, do like they do and observe these 3 simple steps.


Ask a hundred Independent Computer Consultants what their hourly price is and almost every one of them might be able to provide you with one, in all likelihood ranged someplace among $seventy five-$one hundred fifty according to an hour.

How many will tell you, “I do not price via the hour? I price flat, month-to-month prices.”? I’m betting now not many.

Basing your income round how many hours you’re able to accumulate on an ordinary, monthly basis is a hard and normally volatile scenario. Due to the very nature of hourly fees, a fee-conscious purchaser (and what purchaser isn’t always fee-aware these days?) will always be aware of the time you spend on-site. And they will be hoping to reduce it on every occasion and anyplace possible.

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They’ll preserve off on addressing “smaller” troubles, judging if an item like connecting a consumer to a network printer justifies having you in on your hourly rate. Unfortunately, those little troubles have a big negative impact on your purchaser’s productivity. When their productivity suffers to the point wherein it hurts them financially, they will notice. And they may be quick guilty the systems that you’re chargeable for retaining.

Even if these small troubles best amount to 3 mins a day to be able to cope with, because they could get you within the door to work on different issues, those each day occurrences are generally the objects that can make up the inspiration of the hourly, computer consultant’s profits. But with the customer often seeking to lessen these hours, this warfare can make it difficult for the representative to properly preserve the systems and generate a dependable income.

And while a BIG trouble takes place, which includes a server or principal email outage, your customer’s strain can be compounded through the reality at the same time as they are productiveness is at 0, they’re spending masses, if now not thousands of bucks to have you ever restoration the trouble.

Billing by the hour creates a win-lose surroundings. The customer has computer problems, they are sad, however, the representative makes extra cash. Fewer problems manner a happier patron, but a poorer representative.


If you’re billing by way of the hour for on-website online help, you are usually waiting for someone to name you with a need or trouble so one can deal with. Hopefully, you’ll be capable of strike a balance wherein you may have enough customers with carrier requests to maintain you busy, without too many customers worrying you concurrently for “vital” requests or sudden emergencies.

This is a difficult balance to discover, and the downfall of many new laptop specialists. If you have got too few customers, with few issues and minimum finances for improvement projects, retaining busy sufficient can be a venture. When matters are running smoothly, you will be tempted to call your purchaser simply to “test in”. But this may often be regarded negatively by way of your customer as you probably “fishing” for some extra billable hours. Hitting a few sluggish months in a row can make for a completely unreliable profits.

Land yourself too many customers although, and you might be busier than you bargained for. Find your self not able to provide assist speedy sufficient and you will have upset clients. Fail to respond to a purchaser throughout a real emergency because you are addressing every other consumer’s emergency, and odds are excessive that you’ll lose extra than just a few billable hours.

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If you positioned an amazing server monitoring gadget in the area, you could doubtlessly take away a maximum of those troubles. If you screen the server proactively, you may capture items like failed backups, low disk area, hardware failure signals, and many others. This will lessen sudden emergencies and let you schedule your time lots more reliably.

Monitoring will even permit you to pick out troubles that might have gone disregarded till they escalated into a real problem. You do not need to watch for your consumer to tell you what work wishes to be finished. You can overview the server logs and allow your patron realize what issues exist and need to be addressed.

The trouble with proactive monitoring underneath the hourly billing model is… What if it works?

What in case you’re capable of clean up their systems to the point in which problems are uncommon? Will you continue to be able to keep a busy enough timetable with only the everyday minor consumer problems to deal with?

What if the opposite is genuine and also you find problems popping up almost daily? While it will likely be easy sufficient to deliver these issues to your consumer’s attention and with a bit of luck they may appreciate you figuring out the hassle early, there’s also the possibility that they’ll question why some of these issues are happening and why all of sudden you need to spend so much billable time on their structures.

And of course, there’s the question of the way to fee for proactive device tracking beneath an hourly-charge assist model. Whether your price an hourly, partial-hour or flat-charge for your tracking carrier, unless the consumer sees regular, clear evidence of the effectiveness of your work, they are going to impeach whether or not this more expense is an important one.

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About the Author: Jeffrey M. Molina