Modern-day marketing has an incredible range of tools and techniques that businesses can make the most of. Whether you choose to go the traditional route, shift to digital marketing, or use a mix of the two, there’s something for everyone.

Direct Mail

Using these techniques to their best advantage requires careful research and study. In a previous article titled ‘Search Engine Marketing Tips That Will Stand the Test of Time,’ we discuss what you can do to elevate your SEO. Today, we’ll talk about maximizing another marketing technique, this time on the opposite end of the spectrum. Here’s how direct mail marketing can help you push your campaigns to get bigger and better results.

Effective Mailing Lists

The key to an effective direct mail campaign starts in one place: your mailing list. You can assemble the most visually attractive and well-researched campaign, but you won’t unlock its full potential without the right audience. But how do you know if you have the right mailing list?

The Houston Chronicle recommends being ‘picky’ about your mailing lists. This means that you won’t be sending out your campaigns to every customer on your list— you need to determine whether they’re the right demographics and market. You can also send a test mail to see whether your campaign fits your target market.

High Impact Materials

One of the best things about direct mail is that it’s one of the most effective marketing techniques. After all, how often do customers hold campaign materials in their own hands? To make the most of this direct mail characteristic, you should think out of the box regarding your materials.

Some campaigns go the full mile and send out keychains, notebooks, and even candles. However, paper postcards aren’t your only option if you are working on a limited budget. Triadex Services suggests using plastic postcards, for example, to pull in redemption rates as high as 71%. Plastic postcards are unique, eye-catching, and one of many ways to pull in more responses with better-quality materials.

Psychology of Color

Because direct mail marketing has been highly impacted, marketers and businesses should think carefully about the most effective way to communicate their message. Color plays a huge role in this. According to Money Mailer Founder Debbi Gourley, color psychology is crucial in effective direct mail marketing.

The sensory experience is one of the biggest reasons why direct mail remains effective into the present day. Thus, your colors will vary depending on the mood you want your campaign to elicit. Louder movements will want to use bright colors like red, while blue is a go-to if you want to establish a brand that customers can trust. When combined with all the other key elements in a direct mail campaign, colors can play a key function in a successful run.