Brian Nemhauser, the creator of HawkBlogger.Com has watched each Seahawks game on account that he became about six-years-antique, which helped him come to be the authority on all matters Seahawks.

“I’d always watch them pretty intensely,” stated Nemhauser. “They Speak about for players that the sport actually slows down for them as they play greater. The equal is for looking. I see what it looks as if the offense is attempting to do and the way the defense is aligning. I am looking who’s in and what personnel they’re putting in and whether or not that adjustment every now and then. And whether a younger participant getting his first threat and when does he get his first danger and the way does he do?”

Nemhauser subtle his writing capabilities while analyzing Print Journalism at American College, however, ended up pursuing a profession in Tech. After lacking writing each day, he created Hawkblogger.Com in 2007 as a way to mix his love for writing and the Seahawks.
“Sports activities are just a notable microcosm of lifestyles and project and opportunity,” stated Nemhauser. “So I look for the one’s stories to make certain they get highlighted. Due to the fact mainly now on social media, it’s so smooth to rip human beings down. You forget these are kids which are getting the opportunity of a lifetime. And so I really like to locate those threads and spotlight them for humans to look.”

What started as a small following of Seahawks lovers, has blossomed right into a well-reputable website visited by thousands and thousands of people.

“Surely, I would do it if no one listened or nobody study Because I am simply obsessed. but to know that human beings actually are reflecting returned to me that what I’m doing certainly matters to them, makes it all that rather more worthwhile,” stated Nemhauser.

Because the site commenced getting extra popular, the capability to make a make the most of his paintings became apparent. however considering Nemhauser already has a complete time process, he determined that any proceeds might be donated to Ben’s fund. The charity becomes founded with the aid of Seahawks Trendy Manager John Schneider and his wife Traci, in partnership with Households for Powerful Autism Treatment. Thus far, Hawkblogger has donated more than $50,000 for the charity.