The world has never been so congested before. The number of cars and people on the Toronto streets are increasing every day, and so is the rate of traffic and population in the air. Besides, the residents and expatriates are getting quick and easy privileges to buy new vehicles that are further exacerbating the jams everywhere.

Well, this may not be the issue just here in the city. Almost all the populated countries on the globe are undergoing the same problems. With that in mind, the concerned authorities must intervene at the earliest and bring the right traffic control solutions on the table. Some of the modern and sophisticated measures that have worked for the majority of states and can work amazingly for yours also are –

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  1. Traffic Light Management

The road capacity and the timing of the traffic lights go hand in hand. That is why all the experienced traffic planners first pay attention to the coordination of the traffic lights. By optimizing the entire traffic management system, there will be little to no blockage of vehicles, even during peak hours.

  1. CCTV Monitoring

Installation of CCTV at intersection points and highways is a smart way to look over vehicle breakdowns, collisions, and any other major nuisance happening on the road. It is highly effective in sending major warnings.

  1. Strict Traffic Laws

Bad parking and loading/unloading of vehicles in the middle of the road is a common cause of halt in the traffic flow. But, the cities that have enforced stringent traffic rules with regards to these issues along with inappropriate speed, jumping red lights, or driving through restricted areas have effectively reduced cases of fatalities and jams.

  1. Investing in Cycling Infrastructure

There was a lot of hesitation amongst the cycle enthusiasts to ride on the road due to lack of safe connections between different places. However, many cities overcame it by building protected cycle lanes and separate crossings at busy road junctions.

  1. Timely Bus and Train Services

Authorities providing the desired subsidies in transportation sector made these services very convenient. That was a blessing for regular commuters in populated cities as expansive bus and train routes saved them money on petrol and reduce the scope of a traffic jam with their vehicles.

Well, these are some efforts that have been or are to be done on the part of authorities. A few contributive measures that the public as sensible drivers can take are –

  • Maintaining a sufficient gap. The moment one driver taps on his breaks, all the vehicles behind are going to do the same, causing a sort of ripple effect. So, to ensure the least chances of damage during sudden braking of other cars, keep a distance.
  • Staying at a steady speed. For safe driving on the road, you must know when to take your foot off the accelerator. Try to stay at the recommended speed limit and do not press the brakes unless required.
  • Merging with traffic like a zip. When changing your lane, be patient and sensible, so you don’t end up being a nuisance for others. Understand the flow of cars on the road and merge when you are allowed a space.