Around 9 months in the past, Facebook formally introduced it’s new social seek engine to the general public. With that declaration, now four tech juggernauts have already got their own search engines. Google with its broadly popular “Google”, Microsoft with “Bing”, Yahoo with “Yahoo!” and final but not least, Facebook with its newly-introduced “Graph Search”.

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But what about Apple, the enterprise that within the fiscal yr of 2012 made greater earnings than even Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook mixed? Does this Cupertino-primarily based tech large have any plan to comply with Facebook’s footsteps to launch its very own seek engine within the close to destiny?

How the Rumors Started?

Actually, the rumors about Apple’s search engine have emerged as vintage information in tech international. To be counted of truth, many well-known tech news portals from TechCrunch, Mashable, and other websites, including analyst Gene Munster, believed that Apple’s own seek engine became in the making and might replace Google Search on iOS. Meanwhile, the writers at Forbes have been additionally clearly vocal concerning this difficulty.

The sign of Apple disposing of Google Search from iOS turned into regarded publicly when Apple decided to deprive Google Maps on iOS 6 and update it with its self-made Apple Maps, which alas then became a huge flop for Apple.

Although Google Maps then made it again on iOS 6 within the shape of the app on iTunes, many human beings believed that this would be the first signal that Apple Search is heading to iOS each time soon. Unfortunately, we have never heard about the lifestyles of Apple’s seek engine ever when you consider that.

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But the rumors have been raised again from the dead whilst Apple reportedly employed Bill Stasior, an Amazon’s government who had years of enjoyment in search engine international. He turned into assigned via Apple to deal with the development of SIRI. And at the beginning of this year, we also noticed Facebook introduce its brand new Graph Search to the sector (of Facebook).

So the query is, with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook having their own engines like Google, will Apple turn out to be the following tech giant to sign up for these BIG FOUR inside the seek engine industry? What factors so can one make Apple assured to build its personal seek engine for iOS customers?

1. Apple Could Have a Long Term Profit Machine

Okay, first of all, with the aid of releasing its own search engine, Apple can finally have full control over its search engine’s visitors and the most significant, the advertising and marketing greenbacks, now not Google anymore. So absolute confidence that Apple will benefit from the incoming site visitors all over the iOS atmosphere, which then may be channeled using Apple to its advertising and marketing partners or different departments that for sure will “print” extra money for Apple.

And this indicates, inside the long-term future, Apple will sooner or later have a miles more promising earnings gadget than just promoting products or iTunes contents, much like what Google already has these days on its search engine.

2. SIRI = Apple’s Secret Weapon


Let’s not forget approximately SIRI, Apple’s maximum depended on personal assistant on iOS. SIRI made its first debut on iOS around 2 years in the past. In that lengthy time frame, this intelligent know-how navigator has been gathering a variety of customers’ voice searching data through iOS gadgets from all around the globe.

SIRI would possibly appearance inferior in its first debut, but if Apple ought to improve this option lots even further, particularly for the reason that SIRI has been taken over with the aid of Bill Stasior, then it would not be so surprising if one day, SIRI could be one of the maximum powerful guns that Apple should use to collect greater customers’ statistics to enhance its search engine in the destiny, much like what Google has been doing inside the past few years.

3. Growing iOS Ecosystem = The Home for the Apple Search Engine.

The different factor, too, in all likelihood, brings greater guts for Apple to get rid of Google Search from iOS is the reality that Apple has been selling brilliant quantities of iOS devices because the first iPhone was introduced to this international 6 years in the past. Up till now, Apple has bought more than six hundred million units of iOS devices inside the whole world. And the wide variety could also be so much larger if blended with the newer fashions of iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and iPad mini, plus with different Apple products. Well, this is a lot. It’s like the populace of 1 massive us of a.

4. Apple Search Integrated with iTunes Contents

Can you imagine that if Apple sooner or later launches a wonderfully usable search engine that can supply correct and rapid results to the customers, plus can deeply combine the looking results with the contents to be had on iTunes, like apps, books, songs, movies or TV series, there may be a massive threat that all the users in the massive iOS surroundings will start looking Apple Search as a much more dependable search engine than Google?

Moreover, if Apple could improve its seek engine to come to be an awful lot quicker and extra correct than before, it wouldn’t be so surprising if, at some point, the ones users might be extra at the ease of using Apple Search on iOS devices than Google due to the fact except they may be already at ease with the Apple atmosphere and services, in addition, they have invested lots on iTunes. And if Apple can take the pain of having a huge iOS surroundings to power or even force all of the iOS users to apply Apple Search, then slowly, however positive, the brand of Apple Search will start becoming as large as Google – of path best in Apple atmosphere, now not inside the complete world.

5. Experts Will Help Improve the Apple Search Engine

Apple also can lease many tech engineers or even geniuses who might be properly experienced in this seek engine world to make sure that Apple Search or something it will be known as can deliver accurate results and super enjoy to the users. And that’s what topics lots. And if Apple is involved in its search engine, may be any other massive failure similar to Apple Maps. Apple can rent ex-personnel from Google or Amazon, just like what they already did these days to assist Apple to repair the chaos on iOS Maps and SIRI.

Since Apple has several coins to spend from its large fats financial institution account, it will no longer be tough for Apple to lease the proper people to develop its seek engine. Even though Apple Search will not be as splendid as Google (without a doubt), mainly in phrases of looking results and overall performance (surely), however at least, it’s nonetheless perfectly usable for iOS users. Furthermore, Apple Search will absolutely enhance over time.

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