It is a developing trend. Company employees and even senior executives are contributing to corporate blogs. A current survey confirmed that seventy-six of the Fortune 500 organizations now publish blogs. Thousands of other smaller firms do the same. Blogging is a good way of humanizing the main corporation to construct a closer dating with the clients and advertising new products. Blogs also but pose a hidden hazard that won’t be completely diagnosed at this early degree.

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Recently, I attended a software wherein corporate bloggers were discussing their roles in company advertising and communications. The one thing that raised the instant situation was that the bloggers seemed to have little supervision as they placed heaps of phrases on the Internet on a business enterprise website.

In one instance, a blogger at a chief corporation stated that she was predicted to realize what changed into suitable for the company blog. None of the bloggers indicated that their groups had any written policy about running a blog or that the organization’s felony counsel had briefed them on the ability liability issues.

Some of the troubles ought to be apparent. At a public organization, bloggers must now not be making forward-looking statements regarding merchandise, product improvement, profits, or the charge of the organization’s stock. Some regions can be less clean. What if a blogger’s enthusiastic remarks about an enterprise’s product show to be misleading or faulty?

Can stockholders sue the organization based totally on the one’s comments if the particularly touted product seems to be a dud? What if bloggers disparage every other business enterprise’s product or use the blog to promote their personal social or political agendas? There is no query that most bloggers will use exactly not unusual sense. But there are plenty of well that means individuals whose movements go away, employers shake their heads, and plaintiffs recommend jumping for joy.


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