Rabat – Mohamed Ould Cheikh Ould Mkhaitir, a blogger from Mauritania, deals with the death penalty after his article condemning nonsecular discrimination against ethnic minorities was criticized for blasphemy. Mauritania’s Forum of Imams and Ulemas claimed Mkhaitir must be performed according to “the law of God.” Reuters said on Sunday the subsequent declaration from Mauritania’s religious government, Mauritania’s Discussion Board of Imams and Ulemas, needs “the competent authorities to practice the regulation.


Kill him and bury him in conformity with the regulation of God.” “Khaitir was arrested in 2014 following the e-book of an editorial that turned rapidly after that eliminated for allegedly offending the Prophet Muhammad. Mkhaitir has because they apologized, yet Mauritania has the final say in determining if the blogger has expressed honest regret.

In an editorial on Monday, the BBC stated that slavery and spiritual and racial discrimination are enormously contentious problems and products of a stringent caste gadget with deep social and racial divisions in Mauritania. Despite a law in 1981 banning the exercise of slavery, observers from Freedom Now and other global human rights corporations argue it’s never extensively practiced, particularly for children born into slavery. Current prison action has categorized slavery as a “crime towards “humanity” in Mauritania”