For centuries Florence and Tuscany were a landmark of Europe, as far as artwork, commercial enterprise, and politics are concerned. This length of absolute splendor corresponds with the Renaissance of the capital of Tuscany, the maximum vital metropolis of Renaissance, as to be also called the cradle of the Renaissance.

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This success has spread worldwide for hundreds of years and has notably contributed to creating this town and Tuscany, the maximum remote places of the sector. Even nowadays, the echo of the beauty of the Tuscan towns is a major lure that lets in the complete place to gain from a regular inflow of site visitors. Visitors are positively surprised by the several works of artwork and the remarkable splendor that best this place can offer.


Tuscany is the most chosen Italian region via tourists from all over the international; the sights that this area gives Italian traffic are many and range from the natural splendor of the panorama to the evidence of history and art present in huge quantities at the territory of Tuscany.

Another sturdy factor of this very famous region with travelers is the high-quality subculture of craftsmanship that comes from centuries of know-how handed down and respected at present.

The traditional craft of Tuscany covers many areas, starting from the workings of the maximum famous substances together with wooden, leather, wool, marble, and many others, to get to the perfect lifestyle recognized and preferred all around the globe concerning the notable Tuscan food and wine.

The highlights of the international tourism in Tuscany are its cities of artwork: Florence, Siena, Pisa, Livorno are towns that offer the opportunity to visit monuments and masterpieces of absolute degree, those works derive from a wonderful past. Tuscany and Florence are mainly an instance for all of Europe.