The Astro A50 Wi-fi headset is the quality gaming headset I’ve ever used, but it comes at a charge where the standards are very, very excessive. Despite some extraordinary capabilities, there are also some minor troubles which might also turn some off as well.

Let’s reduce proper to the chase, and talk about how a great deal the Astro A50 virtually prices, and what you’re getting with it. For $300, gamers should buy both a PS4 or Xbox One Wi-fi headset. Even as both can also be used with a Laptop, the PS4 headset does not paintings with Xbox One and vice versa. This is due to how the consoles take care of voice chat.

$300 definitely is lots to spend on a gaming headset. You could get an entire console for less than that! That being said, folks that can find the money for the A50 might be dealt with to a number of the satisfactory headphones I’ve placed on my head.

Regardless of being Wireless, the A50 isn’t that heavy. This allows you to play for lengthy periods with out your neck feeling adore it’s compelled to maintain up a couple of rocks. Audio comes in crystal clean, and there isn’t any great lag on audio reception. They are also especially secure and make 0 noise. You ain’t be hearing those headphones creak and squeak at all if you move your head While wearing them.
Wi-fi range for the A50 is also extremely good. I’m lucky to live in a comparably huge rental and will cross anywhere with the headphones on and nonetheless pay attention simply exceptional. You may have some issues going into a distinct room (like when you need to take a toilet destroy), but if You can see your Tv, you’ll be able to pay attention it with the headphones.

Players also have the potential to make numerous exclusive pre-set profiles for the A50 that may be modified on the fly. By hooking up the A50 to a PC, You may move in and tweak all varieties of equalizers to make individual profiles for films, Television, and even for one-of-a-kind games.

To apply the headset to speak with friends, without a doubt fold down the microphone arm from the left ear cup, and you’re correct to move. To mute yourself, certainly, flip the arm returned up. Playing multiplayer, my friends said I sounded just fine, and in addition, they sounded tremendous on my cease. The A50 even has a way to combine your game and chat audio constructed right into the ear cup to get an appropriate balance. surely faucet at the front of the right ear cup for greater game audio, or at the returned for more chat audio. There are also some super capabilities for streamers if you manifest to be one of these.

The microphone arm isn’t detachable, that’s a chunk of a bummer. Then again, seeing as how these headphones can only paintings on Computer and whichever system They’re designed for, it’s not like You can use those as your ordinary headphones besides.