As an eager chess participant, it befell me that chess is a tremendous metaphor for how we behave in our lives. Chess is a sport of method. It is a sport that calls for some mind, planning, strategies, possibility, preference, and action. Those who win in chess make nice movements because they want the board to appear like 15 actions into destiny.

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Do you already know what you need your chessboard to look like inside the destiny? Do you have a vision of how your life goes to play out? In chess, you have got 64 squares and sixteen pieces. There are loads of thousands of permutations as to how the game could be played. The objective of the game is to checkmate your combatants, King. There are the best 3 consequences in chess… Win, lose, or draw.

It sounds like a parallel for our lives, doesn’t it? If we win, it means we’ve got reached the various dreams we set out to achieve, and we’ve left a legacy. Losing approach that we didn’t get what we desired from the extra or much less 2 billion seconds we have been allotted. And, a draw is just no longer pleasant… It is potentially wasted.

Each player has sixteen portions, comprising – 8 Pawns which might be every worth one factor, the Knight and Bishop are every worth three factors, the Castle is really worth five factors, the Queen is worth nine factors, and of course, the King, which isn’t always that powerful without a strong group at the back of him, however, is priceless. If the King is checkmated, it is recreation over.

Let’s play.

Imagine that a chess game is like an antique English village around 6 BC. You have a Castle. When the chance is near, the villagers can take shelter inside the Castle. The King and Queen rule the village. Every self-respecting English metropolis had a Bishop. The Knight is the protector. The Pawn is the toiling villager tending to the King’s business.


There are sixty-four squares on a chessboard that give you limitless diversifications. Imagine that the chessboard is the surroundings wherein you may be successful or now not. I recognize that your lifestyles have unlimited opportunities. It is the selections you are making for your lifestyles and the way properly you play the game that dictates whether you may be a hit or no longer.

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The board can open up countless opportunities for you. On the turn facet, a couple of wrong turns should flip it into a jail. You’ve got to admire the board as it’s for all you need to play with. Respect your existence and accept as true with which you have been placed on this earth to make an actual distinction. You’ve simplest got one shot at it; make it count number.

The King

The King is an essential figure in chess and for your life. He’s your strategist, tactician, visualizer, dreamer, and the desires setter. By now, it needs to be apparent which you want to have some sort of vision in your existence. What do you want your chessboard to appear to be when you sit on your rocking chair in the future, thinking of your achievements, or lack thereof? Have you labored out your strategy?

If you don’t have a lengthy variety of goals, if you do not have a vision of your destiny, the selections you are making can be reactive. You’ll be playing other humans’ video games and no longer your personal. Others will dictate your future, not you. You want to be the master of your personal future, don’t you? Not simplest do you need to have a remarkable existence strategy; you need to keep on with it.

Of course, you can’t most effectively have approached; you want to turn out to be a master tactician too. The battlefield changes, and also you need to alternate your tactics to adapt, or you may die. Changing procedures could imply the difference between fulfillment and failure. However, ensure that your processes are in shape with your standard approach. Sun Tzu summed it up, “Strategy without procedures is the slowest path to victory. Tactics without approach are the noise before defeat.