Where I’ve Been is inside the crowded tour category of Facebook Applications. However, developer Craig Ulliott has controlled to climb to the pinnacle of the heap with an awesome user interface. The premise of the utility is not progressive: Remember once upon a time, the fellow who had a 10-foot map of the arena on his wall with pins in it for every in which he was? This is the Facebookization of that concept. You begin with a grey arena map, then click on the locations you have visited, lived in, or need to see.

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The map is shade-coded together with your picks. It sounds stupid and simple. However, looking at your map of lifestyles is pretty amusing. The map appears on your profile web page; others can see where you have been. (Edit: You should click on the map performing on a person’s profile to peer wherein they were.)

Sweet Parts:

The personal interface truly separates Elliott’s application from the others (TravBuddy, Locations, and many others). Not only is the map visually appealing once you throw a few colors on it, but the “click, click, click on” manner of converting the map may be intuitive and rapid. Since I last noticed the utility, the UI is advanced and includes a groovy zoom function.

At the moment, there are even more international locations and plans for states in extra places (Brazil and Russia).


Not As Sweet:

The map has been buggy in instances. I have had my maps erased and forced to begin over on a couple of events. It’s like writing an extended e-mail and having your computer freeze. You grow to be just sending a three-sentence electronic mail instead of retyping. It seems stronger now. I assume Elliott turned into having website hosting problems before that could have induced the issues. It looks like he has resolved that.

Monetization Possibility:

There is no proper advertising now, or from what I can tell, sponsorship. Elliott published on the developer board some weeks ago pleading for help or recommendations on web hosting. It appears he turned into dealing with $400 in keeping with monthly web hosting bills and prefers many FB Platform builders changed into simply doing this for amusement.

He positioned up a donation box long gone, so perhaps he worked something out. His utility has grown 1,000% given that then. It would seem that software like this will be a herbal partnership for an internet travel carrier like Expedia, Orbitz, or STA Travel, specifically an upstart travel organization or maybe a gap marketer for a specific local (nearby airways, lodges, and so forth).