The unpredictable weather in your region can lead to snow and torrential rains, causing rainwater and snow water to get collected on the roof and near the gutters. Sounds familiar right? You might have experienced the same situation many a time.

You can’t compete with the weather in your region, but you can surely take some measures to keep it from destroying your drainage system. As you all know that the rainwater mixed with heavy material like rotten leaves, broken branches, hair and paper can clog the entrance of the downspouts, not allowing the water to sweep through. The same is the case with water trying to pass through the gutters, but the gunk and grime tend to clog them.

Gutter Cleaning Tools | Rain Gutter Cleaning

Would you like to compromise the look of your beautiful house with clogged gutters? Or would you like to see the soar sight of your landscaping drowning in the rainwater? No! Therefore, it is important to find a way out and protect your gutters.

Here are some useful tips of how you can protect your gutters from all the dirt and grime-

1) Use the Appropriate Tools-

When you have planned to clean the gutters of your house, make sure to include every part that allows the water to seep into—for instance, the roof, fascia and soffit, downspouts and the inner side of the gutter. Some tools required for cleaning the gutter are mentioned below-

  • Hand brush and hard-bristled broom- To clear the loose debris like leaves, paper and hair from the roof and the surrounding portion of the gutter, you must consider brooms and brushes in your list. 
  • Small hand towel- To scrape the dirt.
  • Waste bags- While cleaning, it is essential to collect loose dirt into waste bags so that you can deep clean it later on.
  • Ladder- To reach the fascia and edges of the roof for cleaning, you require a ladder.
  • Pressure water- Water pressure is excellent for removing stubborn debris that cannot be scrapped.

While using all the tools, make sure to wear eye protection, waterproof clothing and non-slip rubber-soled shoes.

2) Make Your Roof the Priority-

The roof is the main place where the hanging branches of the trees rest and result in the falling of dead leaves. Besides, the tiles and shingles on the roof that were covered in moss and stubborn dirt must be cleaned. Use a scraper to scrape off the debris. You may find out cracks and gaps that need to be repaired.

3) Use Mild Cleaners-

Keep in mind to use mild cleaners like soap solution or commit to home remedies like using a vinegar solution to thoroughly clean the downspouts and gutters with the help of a mop. Do not use harsh cleaners and chemicals since they can damage the drainage pipes causing more harm.

4) Clean Downspouts and Protect Your Gutter-

Clean the entry and exit of the downspouts once a month and to prevent the debris from following into the gutters add a leaf guard and gutter protection that will only allow water to pass through.