1. Do now not invest plenty cash in your first website online. This is an excellent component about the Internet! There is almost no chance and the rewards are nearly unlimited. If you can not make money on a low fee begin-up, you may not make any cash regardless of how a lot you spend on the website, advertising etc. You MUST learn to seek engine marketing and site design! I commenced Cactus Canyon with a $3.Ninety-five according to the month web hosting account and one case of product I sold for $two hundred! There isn’t another commercial enterprise opportunity ANYWHERE with such low risk and high reward possibilities than a web business.

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2. Google’s ranking criteria consists of about 50 unique variables. Relevant content material and the number of incoming, one-way links from relevant websites are at the top of the list. It is virtually impossible for the new website online to get many one-way hyperlinks. Therefore, CONTENT is the key! Plenty of key-word wealthy content material that is ORIGINAL and well optimized gets your website ranked.

Three. If you have got a person else layout and construct your website, your first query to them is do they have a terrific running expertise of search engine marketing (search engine optimization) and Internet advertising is widespread. If they don’t have a clue, locate someone else. Better but, discover ways to design your website your self. In my opinion, your chances of achievement are slender to none if you do not learn how to create and adjust your website your self. It isn’t always rocket science. Take the time to research it in case you are serious about creating wealth at the Internet.

Four. The more pages of content the higher. Set your self a few dreams for content material. I am running on a health statistics web site proper now with a goal of creating one web page of new content material each day for a year. It takes me approximately 30 minutes in keeping with day to provide and submit one article consistent with the day. Each article consists of 300 to seven hundred words and is optimized with an awesome keyword phrase. In a year the website can have 365 pages of amazing content material! This content material need to appeal to numerous traffic! Even if your intention become best 2 pages consistent with the week, you’ll nonetheless have over a hundred pages in 12 months!

Five. Write your content web page AFTER you have decided the exact key-word word you will use and then optimize with it. Never write content in reality for the sake of writing content. Always use a keyword equipment to help you write content which humans are really searching for.

6. Remember that key-word terms three and four phrases lengthy are MUCH less difficult to rank for. Although there are many greater searches for “puppies” than “canine schooling hints”, it will be far less complicated to get visitors to the web page optimized with the longer word. PLUS the folks that search for and find your “canine schooling suggestions” web page might be interested in EXACTLY what your page is set.

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7. Think NICHE! The Internet is HUGE, and so is the competition! But regardless of what the region is, there is sufficient area of interest areas within it to generate a LOT of site visitors and income.

8. Keep your site’s theme slim. Google LOVES topics! In other words, for a canine site, focusing on a slim subject matter will make it extra appealing to Google. All matters being same, a hundred page website about dogs in fashionable may have much less appreciate from Google than a 100-page website approximately canine education. Keep your web page targeted!

9. NEVER pay money to an organization to “Get your site submitted to masses of search engines like google and yahoo”. This is a COMPLETE waste of money. Read my e-book or write to me for the total clarification. There are some distance higher ways to spend your money than this.

10. NEVER sign up with an enterprise which promises one hundred’s of incoming hyperlinks! This is simply too properly to be actual and is. AND it may get your web page banned if Google thinks you’re in my view taking part in hyperlink spamming! There are no loose lunches in Internet Marketing. Before you ever pay money for any form of list or linking provider, PLEASE write to me and let us talk about it first! Don’t end up taking pictures your self within the foot!

11. Be careful approximately spending money for even “legitimate” hyperlinks. There are many tremendous websites with high page rank in order to vicinity a one-way link in your web page from theirs for twenty-five to fifty bucks. As you could realize, having a link on your website from a domain with a web page rank of five or six and with the same subject matter is a VERY good deal on your site. Google will provide your web page bonus factors for a link like that. However, Matt Cutts with Google has stated currently that Google minimizes the significance of the link in the event that they assume it’s miles paid link. And as I said in advance, the Google spiders are VERY clever. Although I actually have purchased links in the past, I likely might not anymore.

12. After you have a dozen or so pages of original content posted to the internet, pass beforehand and start filing them manually to the directories I actually have listed on my website at Weber Internet Marketing. I actually have decided on those directories for his or her ease of submission and their page ranks. After you post your website online to all of those (it takes about 2 hours), your website needs to start showing up in the search engines like google in a few weeks.

13. You can post your website online without delay to Google and Yahoo in case you desire, but the search engines like google and yahoo will provide your web page greater relevance in the event that they find its link in some different way; like on the directories which you submitted to. I never trouble submitting directly to Google or Yahoo anymore. My new websites may not get indexed any quicker than if I honestly put up them to the directories. Besides, when Google sees links to it from another website, they may provide my new web page greater relevance.

14. Do no longer spend your time or cash on pay-in line with-click advertising like Google AdWords till you have visitors and income coming from regular, “organic” searches. The getting to know curve is excessive for pay-per-click on achievement. Your money and time need to be spent getting to know basic seek engine advertising. Remember, SEO could be your best advertising approach.

15. I consider in Karma. I additionally try to constantly observe the golden rule. I in no way click on my competition’ AdWords hyperlinks simply to do studies on them. Every click on charges them money. I continually copy and paste the URL in the advert right into a browser and visit it from there. I sure would not need people clicking on my ads in the event that they knew they’d no intentions of purchasing anything. It simply is not first-class to do that to humans.